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Adoption is a often a time of great joy for adoptive parents, whilst a time of deep grief for birth parents. Adoptees are wedged between that grief and joyIt is my goal to create platforms for adoptees to share their nuanced narratives.

~Angela Tucker

As a fellow transracial adoptee, I was highly impacted Angela Tucker’s film “Closure.” I have since been able to meet her and see her speak. She is a powerful and much-needed voice for this generation!
— Erin Jones Educator, Public Speaker Candidate for WA State Superintendent of Public Instruction, 2016
As a social work educator, research and professional, I think everyone working with individuals and families that have foster or adoption experiences get to know Angela and her work. Closure is a film that should be required viewing for every adoption worker and every adoption agency.
— JaeRan Kim, PhD, MSW, University of Washington Professor [harlows-monkey.com]
Angela epitomizes brilliance and beauty. She is a leading voice in adoption and for the younger generation.
— Susan Harris O'Connor, MSW National Speaker, Solo Performance Artist, Identity Specialist Author, The Harris Narratives: An Introspective Study of a Transracial Adoptee