Adoptee Mentorship Program - Now accepting applications (Seattle-area)

2019 Recruitment flyer.png

On my first day of work at Amara (two years ago), I was greeted by an Excel spreadsheet: A program outline created by Davon, a 12-year-old adoptee. The document was entitled TSSP, which stood for “The Stay Strong Project,” and it was a proposal for a new mentorship program for Amara adoptees, many of whom were in foster care. Davon’s detailed outline included columns for the “who, what, where, when and why” of his program, and he emphasized a core value of his vision: “Mentors should not be therapists. They are role models who desire to have fun!”

I was inspired by his thoroughness and thoughtfulness, and having spoken to hundreds of adoptees over the years, knew his idea fit within the national conversation adoptees are having, about connecting to fellow adoptees in order to strengthen the adoptee identity.  

The program has been in existence for two years and we are now accepting applications from both youth adoptees and adult adoptees for the 2019 season! Slots are limited.