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Strengthening the adoption community by empowering adoptees


 Photo Credit: Emily Thornton

Photo Credit: Emily Thornton

Cultivating racial awareness for transracial families

Adopting, fostering and/or caregiving transracially requires caregivers to have sustained and healthy discussions about race and culture. The workshop includes facilitated discussions about privilege, implicit bias, micro-aggressions, and an adult adoptee panel. Participants will engage in activities to become more comfortable talking to others about race and culture, particularly within the framework of transracial adoption.

As a transracial adoptee herself, Angela will share her personal experiences to support a deeper understanding of the lifelong impacts of racial awareness and the transracial adoptee. Teaching modalities include facilitated discussions, an adult adoptee panel*, lecture, video, open dialogue and structured activities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Able to define racism, microaggressions, colorism, stereotypes, and implicit bias; , and understand how each topic relates to transracial families
  • Identify the difference between intent and impact
  • Develop strategies for identifying and responding to microaggressions
  • Understand how stereotypes inform our implicit biases 

Style: Small Breakout Groups | Discussion based

Time: 4-hours

Group Size: 25-50 people

*Inclusion of an adult adoptee panel is dependant upon location.

amplifying adoptee voices

This breakout group features segments of The Adopted Life episodes, and quotes from adoptees, to prompt small group discussions. Angela will challenge the participants to go beyond their personal feelings and to explore the meaning behind the teen and pre-teen transracial adoptees' statements. This workshop includes time for dissection and reflection.  

Style: Small group discussions

Time: 2 hours

Group: Size: 25-50 people

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain awareness about code-switching, micro-aggressions, adolescent racial identity formation, searching for biological families, reconnecting with foster families and open relationships
  • Normalize the experience of adolescent transracial adoptees
Angela is an open and honest presenter who carefully speaks her mind while respecting her audience. She has the ability to be both professional and very personal and helps everyone in the room think, feel, and react in new and better ways.
— Jim VanderZwan, LCSW, Kern Bridges Youth Homes