the adopted life

Strengthening the adoption community by empowering adoptees

It is my privilege to share first hand experiences, encourage adoptees, inspire birth-parents, educate adoptive parents and advocate for transracial adoptees within the complex and emotional adoption system. I tend to accept opportunities that elevate the adoptee voice focusing on themes around foster care, adoption, micro-aggressions, structural racism, oppression and privilege.


Keynote Speeches

I have delivered plenary speeches for highly acclaimed events, including the American Academy of Adoption Attorney's annual conference, Colorado's Annual Convening of Judicial and Family Court Teams, American Adoption Congress, dozens of heritage camps, fundraisers, retreats and other functions around the nation. 


TOPICS: Foster Care, Adoption Reunion & Openness


Transracial Adoption Workshop

Facilitated discussions about privilege, implicit bias, micro-aggressions and an adult adoptee panel. Teaching modalities include a mix of lecture, video, open dialogue and structured activities.

Participants will engage in activities designed to assist in becoming more comfortable talking to others about race and culture, particularly within the framework of transracial adoption. This workshop is designed to stretch one's thinking by identifying ways to work towards equality and anti-racism. 










Angela is available for Skype/Facetime consultation sessions for agencies and/or individuals. 

As a fellow transracial adoptee, I was highly impacted Angela Tucker’s film “Closure.” I have since been able to meet her and see her speak. She is a powerful and much-needed voice for this generation!
— — Erin Jones Educator, Public Speaker Candidate for WA State Superintendent of Public Instruction, 2016
As a social work educator, researcher and professional, I think everyone working with individuals and families that have foster or adoption experiences should get to know Angela and her work. Closure is a film that should be required viewing for every adoption worker and every adoption agency.
— — JaeRan Kim, PhD, MSW, University of Washington Professor []