Public Speaking

It is my privilege to share first-hand experiences, encourage adoptees, inspire birth-parents, educate adoptive parents and advocate for transracial adoptees within the complex and emotional adoption system. I tend to accept opportunities that elevate the adoptee voice focusing on themes around foster care, adoption, micro-aggressions, structural racism, oppression and privilege.

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Keynotes | Plenary speeches

I have delivered plenary speeches for highly acclaimed events, including the American Academy of Adoption Attorney's annual conference, Colorado's Annual Convening of Judicial and Family Court Teams, American Adoption Congress, dozens of heritage camps, fundraisers, retreats and other functions around the nation. 


Transracial adoption Workshop

This workshop is designed to stretch one's thinking by identifying ways to work towards equality and anti-racism. The workshop offers an opportunity to connect with other individuals dedicated to the betterment of transracial families. 

 Structured break out sessions/topics include: 

  • How stereotypes inform our implicit biases and how implicit bias impacts our familial interactions.
  • The difference between intent vs impact
  • Identifying micro-aggressions and strategies for how to curb them
  • Colorism - define and current event examples
  • Adult-adoptee panel


This adoptee-centric workshop will delve deeper into The Adopted Life episode series by working through key issues while maintaining a concerted effort to stay within the lens and experience of the transracial adoptee. Individual film clips, supplemental information and literature will inform the small-group guided discussions.



I have written exclusively for Christianity Today, the Dave Thomas Foundation and have been featured on CNN, NPR, BBC World Have Your Say, New York Times, Huffington Post, Slate Magazine, The Daily Kos and I am a contributing author for several anthologies, including; Perpetual Child: Adult Adoptee Anthology: Dismantling the StereotypeDear Wonderful You: Letters to Adopted and Fostered Youth and Parenting In Transracial Adoption; Real Questions and Real Answers

Angela is an open and honest presenter who carefully speaks her mind while respecting her audience. She has the ability to be both professional and very personal and helps everyone in the room think, feel, and react in new and better ways.
— Jim VanderZwan, LCSW
The inclusion of voices from Angela and other transracial adoptees is vital in understanding the entire transracial adoption experience. Their lived experience is the most important perspective we can all have and being witness to their testimony in this workshop was important and valuable.
— Workshop attendee