The adopted life

Strengthening the adoption community by amplifying adoptees

Photo Credit: Bryan Tucker

Photo Credit: Bryan Tucker

NEVERTHELESS, She persisted

Angela was born with a confusing array of medical issues that baffled the doctors. Recieving a diagnosis of Spastic Quadriplegia and the label of "Failure To Thrive," Angela’s future trajectory was all but predetermined before her first birthday. Her early caregivers had meager expectations for her life and finding an adoptive family proved so difficult that it warranted discounted adoption fees. 

Angela has lived a life of defying the odds. She shocked many by learning how to walk and going on to play collegiate basketball. She broke through the legal and State barriers which all but prevented her from finding and meeting her birth parents. Angela has lived a life full of tests of patience, strength and endurance - all challenges for which Angela has risen to with grace.

Angela offers her vulnerable story as an attempt to expand the narrative of what it means to be an adoptee.

Length: 45-60 minutes

Angela’s poignant keynote immediately engaged our attendees as she shared her powerful story and journey in foster care and adoption. Her authenticity was inspiring and encouraging our audience connected to child welfare. Angela was great at highlighting key elements for our multidisciplinary audience to keep in mind while supporting youth in care. Angela truly amplifies the voices of young people for others to hear and learn from to make things better for those connected with child welfare.
— Shoulder to Shoulder Conference Committee, Portland, OR