Empowering adoptees.


Angela Tucker is a nationally-recognized thought-leader on transracial adoption and is an advocate for adoptee rights. The Adopted Life began as a personal blog that allowed Angela to process publicly her emotions and experience as a transracial adoptee; a means by which she hoped to build a community of other adoptees growing up in closed adoptions. Angela’s work has catapulted her into her becoming a sought-after keynote speaker for adoption and child welfare-based organizations. Find Angela’s publications, here.

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COnsulting Services

Angela regularly consults and partners with families, media professionals, child-welfare organizations and individuals through a myriad of service offerings.

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The Adopted Life Episodes feature 1-on-1 conversations between Angela and transracially adopted teens. They discuss race, culture and birth parent relationships. This series elevates and normalizes the adoptee voice.

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Closure Documentary

Follow Angela as she searches for her birth mother, and ends up meeting her birth father, who didn't know she existed. Filmed by Angela’s husband, Bryan.

The film has aired on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and PBS.

Closure is a film that should be required viewing for every adoption worker and every adoption agency.
— JaeRan Kim, PhD, MSW, University of Washington Professor
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Angela is not just a thought-leader within the field of adoption, she is a change-agent.
— Susie Doig, Holt International Senior Executive