The Adopted Life Episodes

The Adopted Life is a web-series created by transracial adoptee, Angela Tucker, featuring 1-on-1 conversations between herself and transracially adopted youth, discussing various topics around adoption. The goal for the series is to elevate and normalize the adoptee voice and provide trustworthy open-source content to the public.

All episodes are created and produced by: Angela & Bryan Tucker

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Episode #1 - Washington D.C

Episode Sponsors: Adoptions Together and Kathryn Hamm

Discussion Guide: Created by Beth Wheeler

Special thanks to Wedding Wire and the participants: Alex, Abeba, Jenna, Sophia, Christine and Emily.

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Episode #2 - Los Angeles, CA

Episode Sponsor: Olive Crest

Special thanks to the participants: Lily, Anika, Kevin & Adan. 

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Episode #3 - New York, NY

Discussion Guide by The Donaldson Adoption Institute

Episode Sponsors: The Donaldson Adoption Institute, & Spence-Chapin

Special thanks to All Together Now and the participants: Layla, Hadeli, Fiki, Gus and Izzy.

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Episode #4 - neiko’s family (pittsburgh, PA)

Emily Thornton is an adoptee who grew up in a closed #adoption, this experience has led to her deep understanding for maintaining openness for their [adopted] son. They consider his biological mom to be a part of their #family, too

Special thanks to Emily, Bruce “Eric,” Breanne, Neiko and Zephaniah.

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