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Angela, an African-American, was raised by a white couple in a large, multiracial family in Washington State.  She was adopted at the age of one from foster care in the state of Tennessee, under the terms of a closed adoption.  As Angela grew older it became apparent that the unanswered questions about her birth story would continue to haunt her if she did not attempt to find some answers.  Filmed and edited by her husband Bryan, this documentary follows Angela for two years during the search for her birth family.  Several twists and surprising revelations ultimately lead Angela and her family across the country to her place of birth.  It is here where Angela comes face to face with her birth mother for the first time, and meets family members who had never known she was even born – including her birth father.

Runtime:  76 minutes

NOTE:  This film is not rated.  Several scenes display strong human emotions, with two instances of profanity.  Please consider the emotional maturity of your child before inviting them to view the film with you.

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Filmmaker's Statement:

CLOSURE is my first film.  The moment I met Angela’s family I knew that theirs was a story to be told.  A couple that adopts seven children with special needs is a story we should all know about.  I did not have any knowledge about adoption prior to meeting Angela, but over time I became convinced that this story could educate and encourage others towards older-child adoption, yet also show the struggles within adoption at the same time.  Transracial adoption is a hot topic in American society today.  Is it best to pluck a child out of their culture and place them in a drastically different one?  Maybe, maybe not - but the complexity lies within the fact that sometimes there isn’t another choice.  Angela and I both believe that more unique adoption stories being shown will only help to further educate and lessen the stereotypes, myths and stigma surrounding adoption.

I'm truly grateful for all of the voices featured in this story, and am amazed by their willingness to be vulnerable and share intimate moments on camera.  Special thanks to all of our Kickstarter backers, my talented co-producer Brian Lee (of Retrospect Productions), our design guru Peter Orr,  and our amazing composers Benjamin & Chelsea Peck, of Mr. & Mrs. Something.    

- Bryan Tucker