10 Year Old Discusses Selma, Christopher Columbus and Race

Angela & Eridon
Angela & Eridon

10 year old Eridon, an aspiring Radical Brownie, caught my attention at a #BlackLivesMatter event in Seattle. As the only child in the audience, she courageously posed questions for the powerful panel of Black scholars and activists. Eridon's mother is a transracial adoptee of the 60's which has undoubtedly provided fodder for her young, inquisitive mind in learning about race relations in the United States.

For this installment of The Adopted Life, I've chosen to interview Eridon (Because of my readership audience, It should be clearly noted that Eridon is not an adoptee). Watch our conversation here:


Personal note: Ava Duvernay's film; Selma, has expanded the minds of our youth (like Eridon). I'd argue that this means way more than an Oscar!