affirmative action

"Minorities strongly encouraged to apply..."

What are employers attempting to say when they tack the phrase “women and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply” onto the end of a job posting? Are they strongly encouraging those who are actually of the minority in terms of bi/multi-racial folks, latino/a, gays or lesbians, persons with disabilities etc.? I'll wager to guess that they are typically speaking directly to women of color. If so, are employers encouraging women of color to apply because they value diversity in the true sense of the word, or because they need a woman of color to fulfill their quota? To me, this statement reads as a covert way to meet a quota. I view it as a hollow and ineffectual attempt to put a sticker over the actual issue at hand - white privilege and minority oppression. It's a statement that may actually be preventing attracting the diverse work force it apparently desires by implemented strategies specifically designed to attract people of color.

Others I've spoken with felt it to be a reflection of the company's attempt to weed those out who may be uncomfortable in a diverse environments as the statement serves to reflect the current culture of the company. I'm curious what others think when they read this statement - especially curious about what white males think when they read this?