Year 6: Searching For Rachel

My birth-sister's name is Rachel. I'm not supposed to share that publically, but after 6 years of inaction by the Montgomery County Orphans' Court I'm now taking the search for my birth sister in to my own hands. Below is a transcript of my email conversation with Helen Blair Schuler, the Administrator of Pennsylvania's Orphans Court. I'm posting this on my blog primarily for my own records as I move forward in this search. 

March 16, 2012

Hi Helen,
I left you a voice mail at the end of the day on Friday inquiring about the status of the letter I had sent requesting the opening of my birth sister's file. I had addressed it to Judge Stanley Ott, but it's my understanding that you open it first. I have asked the Bethany Christian Services caseworker, Heather Bert, about the status and she stated that you would be requesting consent for this search from my birth mother.  

I received a receipt for the $200 check I sent the Orphans Court for my search. Thank you. I wanted to check in with you to see if you've been able to locate/make any contact with my birth sister? Are you able to give us any more information? Please let us know if you need us to do something. 



March 25, 2012

Angela, I just received your e-mail.  I apologize for the delay in responding, the county system diverted to a spam file. I am still gathering information in an effort to locate your birth sister.  I am currently working on search requests which preceded yours, in addition to various other work responsibilities which demand my attention.  

In the meantime, you may be interested in writing a letter of introduction to your sister.  Once you have completed the letter you can send it to me.  If I am able to locate her I can tell her of your letter.  I have attached a guide for writing a letter in case you need it.  



May 15, 2012

Hi Helen,

I've attached the letter to my birth sister for you to forward along. I will be anxiously awaiting your reply. 

May 15, 2012

To my dear birth-sister,

My name is Angela Tucker, and I live in Seattle, Washington. I was born Chattanooga, Tennessee in September 1985, and was adopted to a wonderful family one year later in 1986. Our birth mother, Deborah Johnson, gave birth to me just 19 months after she gave birth to you – your birth date (January 1984) is the only piece of information that I was given about you.

I am reaching out to you, as it has been my dream to meet you and learn all about you. I am hoping that upon receiving this letter that you’ll understand that my sole intention is simply to get to know you better. Through great efforts and many years of working with the orphan court and the adoption agency, I am under the impression that you live/have lived in Pennsylvania, I’ve always wanted to visit the east coast! If you aren’t comfortable with meeting in person, perhaps you’d consider exchanging emails or being Facebook friends – I’d welcome any mode of communication.

I’ve thought about you an awful lot over the years, curious about your family and your upbringing, your interests and hobbies. Do you have siblings? What was the town like that you grew up in? My questions are endless.

Last summer, I located our birth family, and found that we have three more half siblings! My husband, my family and I traveled to Tennessee over the 4th of July weekend last year at which time we met everyone for the first time. It was a joyous occasion. I’d love to tell you more about it.

I pray that this letter reaches you, and that you can understand my intentions, and that we can develop a healthy and comfortable relationship from here forward.

Your birth-sister,

Angela Tucker

June 27, 2012

Hi Helen, I'm assuming that you have not heard anything since sending forth my letter, is this correct? Can you tell me how current the address that you had for her was? Thanks for your assistance.



June 28, 2012

Angela, I have not heard from your sister.  I did receive an e-mail from an attorney responding to my letter to your sister.  I was asked to contact the attorney to discuss the matter.  I responded that I needed authorization from the adoptee giving me permission to discuss the matter with the attorney.  I have not heard anything since.  I need to have your sister's permission before  I can discuss anything.  



July 12, 2012

Helen, I'm not sure I understand why you'll need to speak with an attorney and furthermore, how might you obtain permission from my birth sister if you don't know her whereaouts. Did the attorney state that he’s representing my birth sister? If so, why would you need my birth sister’s approval?

Is it possible that my birth sister has a guardian and thus has an attorney appointed? Would a cognitive disability constitute needing an attorney to represent her in adulthood? Thanks again.



October 13, 2013

Hi Helen,

I thought I'd just take a shot in the dark, and ask if you've heard from my birth sister or her attorney since last summer? There is a documentary that might put her at ease as it's about my search to find my birthfamily. Might you be able to get this link ( to her attorney? 

Hope you're well,


My search continues - and I won't be paying any more monies to the Montgomery County Court in Pennsylvania. I can't wait to meet my birth-sister, Rachel.