I'm Honestly Curious...

Honstely Curious - Fost-to-adopt.jpg

I am thrilled to begin a new endeavor with my colleagues at Amara! Over the course of 2018, I will be hosting a series of Facebook Live conversations with community members about hot topics within the realm of child-welfare and adoption. I'm excited to employ the Facebook Live medium, as that means that you will be able to chime in with your thoughts and questions, so I can address them in real-time. Some topic ideas that I'm curious about, and would like to discuss are: 

- How to talk with your [adopted] child about their difficult truths. I'm thinking about enlisting Beth Hall, my friend, and the Founder of Pact. She would likely be able to speak on this issue with great wisdom!

-Where are the black foster-parents?! I blogged my novice thoughts about this one a couple months ago, and since then have watched Trey Rabun and Krishna Richardson (A Bridge Forward) delve into this further. I think I'll invite them to chat with me about what they've learned.

- Can you have an open relationship without having any contact with biological parents? I have strong opinions on this one, but dream of having a discussion with Lori Holden, as her work on this topic is second to none. Not sure if I can get her to Seattle from Denver, but we shall see...

- What was the adjustment period like for birthparents after having their rights terminated and watching their kids be adopted? I think having this conversation with a couple birth-parents via Facebook Live would provide a safer space than a public forum, so I'm hoping to find willing participants to have this heavy conversation.

All of these conversations will begin from a point of genuine curiosity, which will be quite a natural starting point for me, as I love to ask questions! The series will begin on January 10th, when I'll be discussing the term "foster-to-adopt," as there is some debate about whether the term has merit or not. This article provides some background to the debate. 

Any other ideas of topics that you are genuinely curious about? Feel free to weigh in and perhaps we'll choose your idea!