Do You Include Your Child In Answering Those Inevitable Adoption-Related Questions?

We know you’ve experienced it, too. That well-intentioned (nosy?) grocery clerk who curiously inquires, “Are you her real mom?” You knew this question was coming after she uttered that first word, by the quizzical look in her eyes. You wonder: Should I educate her about the adoption process? Should I politely ask her to mind her own business? Or maybe you reach back into the recesses of your mind, fishing for those witty comebacks you’ve silently practiced after each of these encounters.

While assessing your options, you turn to your 11-year-old, Sophia, who is looking back at you non-verbally communicating that she’s ready to go and you ask, “Sophia, would you like to answer?” She groans and pinches you – hard. You yelp and she looks at the grocery clerk and responds, “Yup! She seems real to me! Thanks, and have a good day!”

Apparently, Sophia has been practicing her response, too!

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