The Adopted Life Mini-Series: That's a Wrap! (...and a bit of reflection)

My 31st birthday was spent in New York City, filming the third and final episode of The Adopted Life. I engaged in deep, difficult, joyous and contemplative conversation with five incredible teenage adoptees. Bryan sat just feet away working his craft from behind multiple lights and cameras. Upon concluding the final interview, I felt a wave of sadness come over me, whilst reveling in the beauty of the moment. The mixture of triumph and sadness was settling in as I realized this large-scale project was coming to an end.

I'm overjoyed each time a family shares how this mini-series has impacted them. I'm fueled with excitement upon the realization that so many adoptees have an outlet, and a platform to share their truths in a positive and safe way.  The formation of new partnerships, the budding relationships, the opportunity to zig-zag the country with my work/life partner (Bryan) is an absolute gift. Living a full life is a blessing for which I have to pinch myself on occasion. This episode marks the ending of a marathon...and I'm not sure I am ready for it to end.  

I spent the flight home from NYC reflecting on this demanding & deeply gratifying season - I am proud to contribute to society in this way, and am grateful to be able to weave The Adopted Life mini-series into the fabric of my life. I feel affirmed in my choice to create a project that fits my mission and vision; to strengthen the adoption community by empowering adoptee voices. 

The series concludes as our monies raised via Kickstarter afforded us to conduct just three episodes. I will continue to build on this momentum, by rolling it in to whatever project may come next.


Episode #3 will be published in a couple months, and will be accompanied by a discussion guide, created by The Donaldson Institute. I can't wait to share it with you and thank you for all your support!