She Was Raised To Believe She Wasn't Adopted, a DNA Test Proved Otherwise

I've received yet another email, that I want to share with The Adopted Life readers:


Hi Angela,

I was placed for adoption at birth. I was adopted by an African-American family, and my parents decided to raise me as if I wasn't adopted. In middle school I asked my mom if I was adopted because I have a lighter skin tone than the rest of my family. I stuck out like a sore-thumb, and wondered if I was mixed race. 

My employer launched a pilot program where we were given the 23 and Me DNA test, so they could study using genetic info to improve health. Through participating in this program not only did I contribute to their research, but I was finally able to learn my racial background! In addition to this, I was also found to be a high-match with a woman who turns out to be my birth-mother's 1st cousin. She was able to provide me with my birth-mother's full name!

That cousin reached out to my birth-mom to share this news, however she refused contact and I found out that I was a product of rape. I was devastated.

I have been experiencing so many different emotions as I try to wrap my mind around the fact that I'm adopted, and that my birth-mother doesn't want to know me. Reading your blog, watching your documentary and watching The Adopted Life series has given me a new, positive outlook on being adopted. I want to thank you for making your adoption journey so public. Through you work I have learned that I am not alone.


a fellow adoptee (I'm still learning to embrace being adopted, and many friends don't know I'm adopted, so I prefer to remain anonymous)