Identifying My Support System

I learned an important lesson today. I learned that not everyone realizes the magnitude of my birth-father reunion trip to Chattanooga, TN. Not everyone even respects or understands the significance of this trip for me - some people don't even understand what it means to be adopted, or to adopt. This lesson was very important for me to learn, as I was put in a tough spot, and had to endure a rather unfortunate conversation with an elder who does not understand the degree of sensitivity I expect and require when discussing this upcoming trip. I cried uncontrollably once I got the opportunity to be alone, I felt so hurt and disrespected. I have definately learned that since this trip holds such a special place in my heart, and is such a weighted issue, I need to be more careful with whom I choose to open up to about this journey. I need to identify who is supporting me, and who is simply  negatively contributing to this already emotionally turbulant experience. 

  I so sincerely appreciate everyone who has been thinking positive and uplifting thoughts surrounding this trip. Your support and kind words do not go unnoticed by me. I genuinely appreciate the well wishes and support.

I can't believe that we will be leaving this Saturday!