The adopted life

Strengthening the adoption community by amplifying adoptees


In 2016, I was hired to build a comprehensive Post-Adoption program at Amara, a not-for-profit in Seattle, WA that serves children in foster care, and the families who care for them. Here are a few of the initiatives we’ve begun.


Our goal is to audit 3,100 of our adoption files between the years of 1950 and 2000 to ensure that adoptees and birth families receive the information and support they requested, especially in regard to searching.

Update #1: Agency Fees for Access to Adoption Files

Update #2: Interviewed by Michelle Li at King 5 television.

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Amara's STAR Mentorship program celebrates the adoptee experience by building a community and creating lasting relationships with other adopted people.

Watch the video above as Seb & Emmett talk about their experience in the STAR program.


Facebook Live Sessions

To Tell or Not To Tell: Angela Tucker and Beth Hall of Pact, An Adoption Alliance discuss when, why, and how adoptive parents might choose to share the difficult history that may be part of their adopted child’s story.

Are You Her Real Mom? Angela Tucker and Spring Hecht, MSW, LICSW of Healing Works Therapy discuss the child-centered ways to address the inevitable questions adoptees and their families receive.

Curious About the Term “Foster-to-Adopt”? Angela Tucker sits down with Fred Swanson, an adoptive dad, to talk about “foster-to-adopt”: a common but confusing term that can perpetuate misconceptions about foster care.

Why Are Some Black Folks Wary of the Foster-Care System? Angela speaks with foster-parents; Trey Rabun and Krishna Richardson-Daniels about the complex relationship between African-American families and the foster care system.